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Centerforce is a California-based nonprofit organization that strives to improve the lives and strengthen the communities of incarcerated people and their loved ones.

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For Children of Reentry, A New Focus on Family Ties

While millions of children nationwide face extreme difficulties due to having parents who are incarcerated or under criminal supervision, State Senator Mark Leno thinks change is coming. Leno (who represents the state’s 11th District in the Bay Area) convened a policy forum earlier this month at the State Capitol to ... Read More »

Book Release: Transforming Pain to Power

Based on his powerful, true journey from a childhood rife with poverty, incarceration, addiction and rage to the successful adult life he achieved, award-winning performer, writer, and motivational speaker Daniel Beaty presents the tools that readers need to overcome any obstacle and tap into their full capabilities. Purchase the book ... Read More »

What Does Recidivism Mean?

“The success of California’s Public Safety Realignment policy will be difficult to measure until many key terms that are essential to the equation have agreed upon terms.  What is recidivism, for instance? Is it being convicted of a new crime, or merely arrested? Is the ‘average daily population’ of a ... Read More »

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Centerforce has been providing groundbreaking programs for incarcerated people and their loved-ones for over 30 years.

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